3 August 2017
Communications Team

IONS researcher Helané Wahbeh, ND, MCR, has published a report on Shamanic Healing for Veterans with PTSD in Explore: The Journal of Science and Healing.

1 August 2017
Communications Team

The Voices of VR Podcast with Kent Bye caught up with IONS President Cassandra Vieten at our recent 17th International Conference in Oakland, CA.

Kent and Cassi talked about how the vastness of awe leads to an experience that forces you to stretch your perspectives and accommodate new information. They also talked about how IONS is starting to use virtual reality in our research, the impact on our environment and experiences in our lives, and the potential of unlocking latent human potentials through different contemplative practices and potentially mediated through technology.

31 July 2017
Communications Team

IONS President Cassandra Vieten recently took part in the Inspiring Positive Social Change Summit. In this free event -- online from July 11 to September 5 - you can discover practical solutions, proven methods and new science for creating positive social change from some of the most powerful visionaries and community leaders,  who integrate cutting-edge insights from spirituality, neuroscience and peacebuilding.

Take a listen to Cassi's presentation!

13 July 2017
Communications Team

Did you know music and sound making can be used to heal the mind, and spirit? In this sneak peak video, you’ll hear a bit about Amikaeyla’s story and inspiring work in the world with music. After surviving a hate crime, she discovered that she could not only overcome fear but also become fearless through the healing power of music. She has since taken this gift to political refugees, war survivors, and at-risk populations worldwide to co-create miracles with music.

6 July 2017
Emanuel Kuntzelman

What triggers a commitment to do your work? What incites a sense of personal responsibility? What brings in a shift in personal and societal consciousness? Could it be as simple as exploring a new perspective or changing a belief?

23 June 2017
Julia Mossbridge

The IONS Innovation Lab has just released its first app — containing tests for certain psychic abilities — which you can download on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch.


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