16 May 2017
Communications Team

In this podcast, hosted by Tony Balbin of Warrior, Tony and IONS' researcher Arnaud Delorme, PhD,  have an in-depth discussion of some of the meditation devices on the market today. Arnaud also shares some of the research he’s conducted on non-ordinary states of consciousness including meditation, psycho-active agents, and mediumship.

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9 May 2017
Communications Team

Mother’s Day is near, and in honor of new mothers and mothers-to-be, we offer four free meditations designed specifically for pregnant women and new moms.

5 May 2017
Cassandra Vieten

It is with sadness and yet deep appreciation for a life well-lived that we honor one of IONS family of Circle Members, Anthony White, who passed away last week due to complications from leukemia.

22 April 2017
Communications Team

A sustainable presence on this planet will require changes in our human behaviors. To achieve true, lasting changes in behavior, it turns out, requires changing our worldviews so the new action becomes part of "who I am." But if you've ever tried to change a worldview or pattern of behavior in yourself or another person, you know it's quite an endeavor!

17 April 2017
Communications Team

In honor of International Haiku Day, IONS staff members are sharing their noetic poetry.

Share your own noetic haiku in the Facebook comments!

I woke up in time
believing it to be so
forgetting I Am

As I sit here now
watching illusion playing
I know what is Real

Johnny Calvert

14 April 2017
Ellen Mahoney

Edgar Mitchell, along with eleven other Apollo moonwalkers during six historic moon missions, helped change our perceptions of Earth. Suddenly, it was possible for humans to leave our planet and walk around and work on a different heavenly body. What an amazing feat.


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