19 June 2017
Communications Team

Announcing the Spotlight Talks for the IONS 17th International Conference

Along with the mainstage presentations from scientists and practitioners in a variety of fields, we are also excited to showcase the work and passions of conference attendees in our second annual Spotlight Talks at the IONS 17th International Conference (July 20-23rd).

15 June 2017
Light of Consciousness

To say that light is bridging the material world and the spiritual is to divide them into two things. This is the fundamental fallacy. From the spiritual to the most dense matter, it is one continuity. This is the way conception creates its own reality. In dualism, in relativity, you have myriads of forms and names and each assumes individuality: matter is one individuality, the spiritual world is another, and a bridge is needed between the two. This is the basic fallacy inherent in intellect, which is itself the product of dualism.

14 June 2017
Communications Team

A central mystery in the phenomenon of quantum entanglement is called nonlocality. This refers to connections between objects that transcend the ordinary constraints of space and time. One way to observe this effect in the lab is between pairs of photons prepared in certain ways.

31 May 2017
Communications Team

Deepak Chopra has long been a friend of the Institute of Noetic Sciences, and today we feature two interviews about his new book, You Are the Universe: Discovering Your Cosmic Self and Why It Matters.

26 May 2017
Communications Team

Members of the Institute of Noetic Sciences form a community of individuals on this planet who know the conventional ideas of how the world works are insufficient, and that we are really capable of much more.

23 May 2017
Communications Team

Can technology support spiritual awakening? This is just one of the many fascinating questions that Julia Mossbridge, Director of the IONS Innovation Lab, is currently working on. Check out this entertaining interview to hear Julia speak to DJ Taz Rashid of the Global Purpose Movement about her work in transcendence technology -- technology that helps people reach a state of self-transcendence -- and other exciting aspects of her research.


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