9 January 2013
Cassandra Vieten

I'm delighted to let you know that two TEDx talks I gave last year have both just been released on video. It was an honor to have these opportunities to represent IONS and to share information about Noetic Sciences.

15 October 2012
Cassandra Vieten

In our last Breaking News we mentioned analyzing data for a study on mediumship. Some of you wanted more information...

12 October 2012
Cassandra Vieten

Research is humming at IONS!! A few highlights below:

6 October 2012
Cassandra Vieten

22 August 2012
Cassandra Vieten

In connection with an upcoming workshop I'm leading in Italy next month with my colleague, IONS Senior Scientist Dean Radin, I was recently interviewed about what we'll be doing at the workshop. The interview includes a discussion of Noetic Sciences and Psychology, and how Noetic Science is relevant to practice in a clinical setting.

Click on the triangle below to listen to the interview


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