9 December 2015
Claudia Welss

Twenty years ago I was distributing research by the Union of Concerned Scientists to global executives of major corporations at the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley, trying to get their attention and hoping to influence their policies. The research concluded we had twenty years before Earth and humanity reached a climate tipping point, beyond which there was no turning back.

3 December 2015
Adrian David Nelson

Four years after releasing my documentary Reality and the Extended Mind, and 350 thousand views later, I recently reflected on the life-changing story of how it all came about…

19 November 2015
Julia Mossbridge

One of the most fundamental dualities in our everyday experience is the duality between consciousness and nonconsciousness; the contrast between that of which we are aware in our everyday experience (individual consciousness) and that of which we are not aware (everything else — all nonconscious processes). For example, your awareness of reading this blog post is conscious. But the mechanisms that allow you to read this post and become aware of it are entirely nonconscious.

5 November 2015
Rupert Sheldrake

Have you ever thought of someone for no apparent reason and then that person called? Or have you known who was calling before you looked at the caller ID or answered the phone? If so you are in good company. Surveys show that more than 80% of people have had experiences like this.

22 October 2015
Cassandra Vieten

As a mental health professional, part of your practice may be helping people who have serious mental illness.

20 October 2015
Communications Team

Though the core activities at IONS focus on research, education and running a transformative learning center, we are well aware that the heart of this organization resides within our members and supporters. Our staff is touched daily by our interactions with people who resonate with our efforts to create a shift in consciousness that will impact this world in a positive way.


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