6 October 2012
Cassandra Vieten

22 August 2012
Cassandra Vieten

In connection with an upcoming workshop I'm leading in Italy next month with my colleague, IONS Senior Scientist Dean Radin, I was recently interviewed about what we'll be doing at the workshop. The interview includes a discussion of Noetic Sciences and Psychology, and how Noetic Science is relevant to practice in a clinical setting.

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29 May 2012
Dean Radin

For the last few years we have been exploring the possible role of consciousness in the physical world through an effect known as the quantum measurement problem (QMP). This refers to a curious phenomenon whereby quantum objects behave differently when they are observed than when they are not observed. It's as though the microscopic world has a "sense of being stared at," reminiscent of the prickly feeling that some people feel when someone is staring at them a little too intensely.

12 May 2012
Cassandra Vieten

Here are some highlights from Research at IONS. I recently gave two presentations at the International Symposia for Contemplative Studies, which was hosted by the Mind and Life Institute and cosponsored by several other organizations including the Institute of Noetic Sciences.

20 April 2012
Cassandra Vieten

Welcome to our second edition of Breaking News, giving you the latest updates on what's happening in Research at IONS.


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