23 August 2016
James Jensen

We are grateful at IONS to have a spectacular Board of Directors who help guide the Institute in fulfilling its mission and in affecting personal and collective transformation. Made up of approximately 17 talented and accomplished individuals, each board member has a rich professional and personal life, and express their passions to positively impact the world in a variety of ways.

10 August 2016
Julia Mossbridge

This blog is the 4th installment of a series entitled "Do Your Focus Tools Work?" which can be found on the [email protected] website. This installement has been posted here with permission of the author.

19 July 2016
Cassandra Vieten

A new article and book by Institute of Noetic Sciences scientists and their colleagues are shifting the field of mental health care to recognize the vital importance of spiritual experiences, beliefs and practices in psychological well-being.

Do people's spiritual and religious beliefs and practices influence their mental and emotional health?

Should psychotherapists ask about them, and pay attention to them in treatment?

Unless clients have none, or would prefer not to discuss them, the answer is yes.

14 July 2016
Marilyn Schlitz

If you’re like most people, your life is complex and sometimes challenging. It’s easy to feel the stresses that come with our busy days and diverse demands on our time and attention, mass distraction that pull us off our soul’s inner compass often bombard us.

29 June 2016
Mollie Robertson

College is a crucial transformative time in one’s life. It’s an incubation period for personal, social, and professional growth. Perspectives are shifted and new patterns of thinking and being emerge. One major quest is to determine what to do with the rest of your life; to figure out how are you choosing to make your mark in the world and the impact you will have.

Maybe you want to do something innovative significant, and substantial; something outside the norm. Pursuing a career in the field of consciousness research and application could be for you!

15 June 2016
Katia Petersen

War is complicated, but peace doesn’t have to be.

Though you wouldn’t know it to look at politics and state diplomacy, there is power in simplicity,  which is too often mistaken for “ease.” How many of us struggle with that difference between “knowing” and “embodying” on a daily basis? Peace, I contend, is a matter of perspective, and we can each choose to shift our hearts, minds, and actions in that direction, for ourselves and the world.


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