17 January 2017
Communications Team

The purpose of this study is to learn whether people who experience psychic abilities share certain genetic similarities.

We are currently looking for participants who feel they, and their family members, DO NOT have psychic abilities. The reason we need people with absolutely no ability is so we can compare their genetics to people who do have abilities. This will help us see if there are any genetic components related to psychic ability.

Take our survey to help us with the first-ever, world-wide investigation of the genetics of psychic ability!

16 January 2017
Drew Dellinger

This January, like the one before and the one after, we will see a flurry of quotes and memes and videos that will largely constitute our celebration of Martin Luther King Day. But this particular January—perhaps more than ever—we need to move beyond that superficial encounter with King to a deeper engagement with his vision, and come face-to-face with the challenge to each of us, and the nation, that Martin Luther King represents.

30 December 2016
Communications Team

Research into the brain has revealed that gratitude is a social emotion; it is an experience of a deeper sense of connection and trust that transforms us. In giving thanks, we shift our perspective; we free ourselves from fear and stress, and open our hearts to opportunity, potential, and happiness.

In this time of uncertainty, looking into the future, we want to recognize this unifying emotion and give attention to its transformative power.

26 December 2016
Communications Team

We at IONS are thrilled to have had one of our most successful years ever in furthering the fields of noetic research and education. It is thanks to our many donors, partners and friends that we can proudly reflect on the past year, and be excited for what the coming year holds.

We are also grateful to our founder, Edgar Mitchell, who passed away this year. His visionary leadership in the field of consciousness studies has led the way for great progress, and we look forward to continuing his legacy long into the future.

16 December 2016
Communications Team

Paul Temple, co-founder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences and chairman of the IONS Board of Directors for 17 years, passed away on November 29, 2016, surrounded by his beloved wife, Diane, and seven children. He died as he had lived – peaceful, conscious and ready for his next great adventure. Mr. Temple was a remarkable human being, and a long-time and passionate supporter of IONS. He leaves a legacy of invaluable service and support, and his absence will be deeply felt.

9 December 2016
Theresa Cheung

Spoiler alert: ‘The Force’ is strong with IONS.

Reflect for a moment on the galactic numbers of people who will go and see the next Star Wars blockbuster, Rogue One, released on December 16th. It will be, arguably, millions more than the number of people who attend religious services or, for that matter, consciousness research conferences.


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