9 March 2017
Communications Team

I think, therefore I am. Right?! Maybe not. Modern science has typically localized consciousness in the brain, but recent studies have shown evidence of consciousness showing up in the heart, the gut, and parts of individual cells. What will be revealed next? Could the mystics be right in their experience that consciousness extends beyond the body? Across time and space? What if the brain resides in consciousness, rather than the other way around?

6 March 2017
Katia Petersen

I grew up in a culture where parents spend their lives taking care of their children and in return adult children are expected to take care of their parents through their later years. Living on a small island meant families stayed close to each other, which allowed for a greater support system to exist. My grandparents and great grandparents were part of my daily life and learning experiences, so in my worldview they were to be regarded with the highest respect, love and care at all times.

27 February 2017
Communications Team

IONS’ First Annual Consciousness in Action Award

IONS is dedicated to supporting and recognizing the next generation of noetic scholars, thought leaders, entrepreneurs, and practitioners in their professional lives. We recognize the importance of expanding the legacy of the noetic field, and know that those of the millennial generation are uniquely positioned to take this work to amazing new heights.

8 February 2017
Communications Team

Have you ever been in the middle of a deep, noetic experience, and wondered what, if any, scientific objective truth underpins your personal insight? Us too!

It was this same experience that inspired IONS founder Edgar Mitchell to bring the powerful intersection of objective scientific process and subjective inner knowing to bear on the full range of human experiences.

6 February 2017
Arnaud Delorme

The amount of research and scientific literature on meditation has increased exponentially in the past 15 years, and today we find significant interest in meditation research at major universities and medical facilities worldwide.

While meditation research has become ubiquitous, the term meditation is often used broadly, in a manner that reflects neither the richness of the underlying traditions nor the multitude of meditation practices that exist. This has led to both confusion and lack of clarity in the results of meditation research.

30 January 2017
Communications Team

If you are looking for some inspiration in this changing civil and political climate, here is a video from our newest fellow, Dr. Michael Sapiro.  Presented to the Idaho Air National Guard's 124th Fighter Wing after a return from a 6 month combat deployment to Turkey, Michael talks about Edgar Mitchell returning from the moon, Felix Baumgartner free-falling from the stratosphere, and his grandparents emergence from trauma, to inspire a roomful of 300 airmen and women to live up to their unlimited human potential.


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