3 June 2016
Communications Team

The biennial Science of Consciousness Conference in Tucson, Arizona is a convocation of academics and researchers hosted by University of Arizona’s Center for Consciousness Studies. This venerable conference is known for its support of a rigorous scientific and interdisciplinary approach to the study of consciousness. It includes not only plenary speakers and panels, but also exhibits, demos, and other experientials.

27 May 2016
Communications Team

IONS intern Adrian David Nelson met up with Gabriel Guerrer, a physicist and former researcher at CERN, during the Foundations of Mind conference in Berkeley. Gabriel recently visited IONS, preparing a replication of experiments at IONS exploring quantum measurement and consciousness. During their interview Gabriel shared his fascinating journey from particle physics to exploring the mystery of consciousness.

26 May 2016
Barry Robbins

”The elements of sport that I have just described are present in other transformative practices, but in the context of sports they evoke a greater range of physical abilities than are produced by any other family of disciplines. In the service of integral practices, they can, I believe, evoke a still greater range of capacities.”

Michael Murphy from Future of the Body

19 May 2016
Elise Proulx

What led Dacher Keltner, renowned UC Berkeley psychology professor and director of the university’s Greater Good Science Center, to focus on the little-studied emotion of awe?

This feeling we get in the presence of something vast “was so tightly connected to things that have changed my life—the Sierras, art, great music, radically different cultures—and it was a scientific unknown,” Keltner says.

18 May 2016
Communications Team

Are you psychic? Are others in your family also psychic? Take our survey to see if you're eligible to participate in the first-ever, world-wide investigation of the genetics of psychic ability!

17 May 2016
Arnaud Delorme

Based on the lifelong interest of Luís Portela, the CEO of the BIAL pharmaceutical company, the BIAL Foundation finances frontier research. While it also funds mainstream research, it is one of the only foundations in the world to consistently request proposals in unusual phenomena and parapsychology.


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