10 May 2016
Communications Team

Those familiar with IONS know what we do:

27 April 2016
Helané Wahbeh

At a recent conference, I mentioned my interest in studying channeling and mediumship to my fellow scientists. An awkward silence fell across the group before one colleague turned to me and said, “You understand that telling people you want to study channeling is pretty much a career wrecker, right?” I paused to consider the question, and then replied, “Yes, I know that. But honestly, I can no longer NOT ask the questions.”

18 April 2016
Craig Chalquist

As one of "100 photographs that changed the world" and "great images of the 20th century," Earthrise was shot on Christmas Eve, 1968, when William Anders, Frank Borman, and James Lovell aboard Apollo 8 emerged from behind the moon to behold a sight of extraordinary beauty and meaning.

12 April 2016
Dean Radin

If there’s one thing we can learn from Presidential election cycles, especially the strange one in 2016, it’s that people believe what they want to believe. It doesn’t matter if the beliefs are objectively true or false, as fact-checking websites demonstrate. Prejudices shape our reality and determine what we pay attention to and what we ignore. Because biases are inescapable, I constantly strive to be mindful and adjust my evaluation of evidence accordingly.

5 April 2016
Communications Team

IONS is thrilled to announce the appointment of Debra Jonsson as the new Director of the EarthRise Transformative Learning and Retreat Center. At our 197­-acre campus 30 miles north of San Francisco, EarthRise hosts thousands of explorers who come to study with internationally acclaimed educators, scientists, philosophers, health practitioners, life and business coaches, artists, and spiritual masters. We are simply overjoyed to have Deb at the helm of this endeavor, and look forward to seeing how the story of EarthRise continues to unfold.

1 April 2016
Communications Team

One of the key missions at IONS is to bring awareness of and engagement within the noetic sciences to younger generations by supporting emerging scholars and explorers. As part of this effort, Chief Scientist Dean Radin recently gave a talk at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), an innovative university in San Francisco that offers accredited programs in counseling psychology, clinical psychology, consciousness, and transformation.


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