8 December 2017
Communications Team

Magic is one of the most enduring legends of humanity. It's at the core of the esoteric traditions, it saturates the literature of religion and science, and while it has been severely suppressed for millennia, fictional stories about magic are just as popular today as they've ever been. But is magic real?

In this video, recorded at the International Transpersonal Conference, IONS Chief Scientist Dr. Dean Radin presents scientific evidence that the answer is YES, and discusses the implications of real magic for a postmodern understanding of reality.

7 December 2017
Communications Team

30 November 2017
Communications Team

IONS is creating a future that infuses noetic practices into health and healing. What future are you creating? Join the conversation on Facebook by sharing this video and let your friends and family know the contribution you are making toward a healthier future!

16 November 2017
Communications Team

Amidst ever-increasing cultural diversity and social complexity, navigating and thriving in a global society requires we expand our capacity to understand a multitude of perspectives. When we become aware of the lenses through which we experience the world we can become even more compassionate and self-aware leaders of a global society. And as more people shift their own worldview to recognize their essential interconnectedness with the planet and those living on it, the more they are motivated to engage in action and leadership for the greater good.

14 November 2017
Communications Team

The Voices of VR Podcast with Kent Bye caught up with IONS scientist Julia Mossbridge, as well as Mikey Siegel who is the founder of Consciousness Hacking, at our recent 17th International Conference in Oakland, CA.

9 November 2017
Alex Morrison

It appears that the power of our intention and the strength of our actions actually conjure up a new possibility and allow us to step into a new future. Do you notice this to be true in your life? Have you seen this elsewhere?

During the height of slavery, it was brave, committed individuals who spoke of a future where humans were not sold as property, which began the process that ultimately allowed that future to come into existence.


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