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Telling the New Story through Movies

by Matthew Gilbert

Storytelling is timeless, and filmmaking, though a late-comer to the stage, has become a powerful tool for those with good stories to tell. Great films have been around since filmmaking began, of course, and everyone has their own list (see this IONS Discussion thread). Some recent “mainstream” films that blew open my imagination include the first Matrix movie, Inception, and The Minority Report. A few others, like Harold and Maude and American Beauty, blew open my mystical heart.

More recently still is the emergence of filmmaking loosely called “conscious” or “transformative”—films intended to inspire a deeper and more positive way of understanding and engaging with both our outer and inner worlds. Often far off the big-screen path, they are as diverse as the filmmakers who create them, and more and more of them are revealing a story of our potential that is getting impossible to ignore.

Hearing that call, the Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment (GATE) is a new community of creatives that “seeks to empower entertainment and media professionals and companies to produce and distribute content that inspires new awareness-based worldviews.” The online media resource Aware Guide (“still in beta”) describes itself as “Your Guide to Life-Changing Media.”

"I AM" will play at the "Noetic Film Experience"

IONS has for a number of years been tracking and reporting on the evolution of this powerful force for change, and to honor these efforts we decided to bring 10 new films together for our first-ever “Noetic Film Experience,” taking place March 9 – 11 here at our EarthRise retreat center in Petaluma, CA. The Aware Guide recently published a survey of the “Top Transformational Films of 2011,” and it turns out that four of them will be featured at our event!

Deciding which films to show was a challenge, but we found them, from every corner of the U.S. The films we’re featuring cover everything from shamanic healing and frontier science to meditation, mythology, 2012, and personal transformation. Hopefully many of them will be new to you, though a few will be new to all of us since they’ll be shown for the first time in public at IONS! And while the films themselves will move you in many ways, we’ll also have some of the filmmakers there. It will be a unique and intimate weekend gathering and hopefully the first of many.

In the spirit of the EarthRise at IONS retreat center mantra, “Come with an open mind. Leave with an open heart.”

See you at the movies!

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    ambika1am Mar 26, 2012

    Great idea - hope to see some literature also coming out of this and films of a various new stories that remind us of who we are and are becoming...Thx..

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