27 April 2018
Christina Amri

What a joy and a responsibility it is working with an extensive variety of clientele, from small community-based organizations such as small home-like Solvay Hospice House in Duluth Minnesota to huge multi-layered Universities like the University of Miami or healthcare systems like Boston Children’s Hospital!

24 April 2018
Communications Team

“When I think in terms of how intention can guide you into being in the right place at the right time, that has happened so often in my career that somebody could say ‘well, that’s like magic’.”
- Dean Radin, PhD

20 April 2018
Julia Mossbridge, IONS Fellow

IONS was well represented at the Science of Consciousness Conference this year – our CEO Claire Lachance spent much of the week at this academic conference, soaking in the lively discussions and presentations about the nature of consciousness, both in the traditional neuroscientific sense and in the sense of extended consciousness.

17 April 2018
Helané Wahbeh, IONS Director of Research

BIAL is a Portuguese pharmaceutical company whose mission is to discover, develop and provide therapeutic solutions within the area of health. The Fundação BIAL is the non-profit foundation arm of company and is a major funder of the Institute of Noetic Sciences and parapsychology in general. Every two years Fundação BIAL has a conference in Porto, Portugal bringing their grantees together for presentations, discussions, and networking in a stimulating environment.

12 April 2018
Communications Team

Since the passing of IONS’ visionary founder, Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell, two years ago, the IONS board, staff, and scientists have continually worked to not only preserve Edgar’s original vision, but to boldly expand IONS impact at a time when our world desperately needs healing, radical innovation, and transformation.

4 April 2018
Claire Lachance, IONS CEO

Have you ever noticed that some of life's best insights come from completely unexpected places? This happened to me last week as I was having lunch with John Cleese, the legendary comedian and actor best known for Monty Python, Fawlty Towers, and A Fish Called Wanda. A passionate supporter of IONS' work to advance the frontier edge of consciousness research, John graciously donated his time and talent at a special IONS event also featuring our Chief Scientist, Dean Radin.


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