20 October 2015
Communications Team

Though the core activities at IONS focus on research, education and running a transformative learning center, we are well aware that the heart of this organization resides within our members and supporters. Our staff is touched daily by our interactions with people who resonate with our efforts to create a shift in consciousness that will impact this world in a positive way.

13 October 2015
Communications Team

We may not think of drumming, chanting, dancing, meditation, and ceremony as types of technology, but they are actually the most ancient of technologies geared toward altering states of mind. While they’ve been available to us for thousands of years, a new set of high-tech tools is rising in the form of electronic devices and software applications that are being used to explore, guide, and even enhance human potential.

22 September 2015
Cassandra Vieten

Although the majority of Americans in some form of God, only a quarter of graduate training programs in psychology offer even one course in religion or spirituality (Schafer et al. 2011). While a vast majority of mental health practitioners believe that these topics should be addressed in the therapeutic context (Vieten et al. 2015), few are properly equipped to do so, particularly when faced with clients whose religious or spiritual values differ from theirs.

15 September 2015
Cassandra Vieten

Interventions that have roots in spiritual traditions are being increas­ingly employed for treatment of depression and anxiety, as well as for enhancing psychological well-being. Mindfulness-based therapies have demon­strated effectiveness for improving anxiety and mood symptoms (Hofmann, Sawyer, Witt, & Oh, 2010; Toneatto & Nguyen, 2007). Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT; Linehan, 1993) and adaptations of it have shown promise and efficacy for treating borderline disorder, substance abuse, eating disorders, and depression (Robins & Chapman, 2004).

14 September 2015
Communications Team

In this interview, Web Services Coordinator Kerstin Sjoquist talks with Julia Mossbridge, the Director of IONS' new Innovation Lab, on how technology can enhance both scientific research as well as support the transformation of individuals across the globe.

Kerstin Sjoquist: Thank you for joining me today! Can you tell us a little bit about what the Innovation Lab is?

31 August 2015
Katia Petersen

August—the hot, carefree summer lingers but for a hint of autumn’s longer nights and increasing responsibilities. The kids are restless and fidgety, excited at the prospect of reuniting with friends, and nervously anticipating the challenges of the coming school year.

Following are ways you can mindfully maintain a deep connection with your child every day, despite the ongoing commitments of work and school. These are lifelong skills that, when practiced on regularly, will help every child succeed and thrive.


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