28 September 2017
Julia Mossbridge

Love in itself — specifically, experiencing the power of unconditional love — has become a priority in the last year, ever since some donors approached me with seed funding to create a series of projects devoted to the power of unconditional love. Unconditional love is such a simple idea, loving without strings attached, and yet it feels out of reach for most of us. Unless you’re a parent, and your child has just been born and has done nothing wrong yet. Or you’re a pet owner and your pet hasn’t needed much from you lately.

19 September 2017
Arnaud Delorme

As a consciousness researcher, I often wonder where we might be in the evolution of the science of consciousness. Have we already discovered most of what has to be discovered about the brain and consciousness, or are we just getting started? We can only speculate, but history and epistemology might help answer this question.

13 September 2017
Communications Team

Our friend Haley, from the HumanCurrent Podcast, had a great chat with IONS fellow Dr. Rupert Sheldrake at the 17th International IONS Conference. Dr. Sheldrake is an author and researcher in the field of parapsychology. He talks with Haley about discovering, after years of in the field research, that paranormal activity is actually a very normal occurrence. Dr. Sheldrake states in his interview that “our minds are more extensive than our brains.”

6 September 2017
Communications Team

Are you an older adult? Are you interested in improving your mood? If you are a healthy adult between the ages of 55 and 80 this study may be for you!

The purpose of the project is to learn more about how a meditation program called Internet Mindfulness Meditation Intervention (IMMI), which is delivered via the internet, may affect depression symptoms in older adults.

The study consists of 6 internet training sessions, once a week for six weeks, and 30-40 minutes of daily home practice delivered via study iPod.

25 August 2017
Communications Team

Angie and Haley, the hosts of the podcast HumanCurrent, recently attended the IONS 17th International Conference. Gifted their tickets from friend Doug, they describe their introduction to IONS and conference presenters and attendees as being “amazing” and “transformational.” To quote Angie, “I’ve been to a lot of conferences in my time, and I’ve never been to a conference quite like the IONS conference. It’s no wonder Doug has gone so many times!”

17 August 2017
Katia Petersen

The hot, carefree summer lingers, but for a hint of autumn’s cooler nights and increasing preparations. The kids are restless and fidgety; excited at the prospect of reuniting with friends, and nervously anticipating the newness and uncertainty of the coming school year. Following are a few ways you can mindfully maintain a deep connection with your child every day, despite the ongoing commitments and stress of work and school. 


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