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Death Makes Life Possible – Project update

by Marilyn Schlitz

What happens when we die? And how does asking this question imbue our lives with greater health, happiness, and pro-social behaviors?

Thanks to the support of over 550 of you, we have been able to dig deeply into these questions and more through the 'Death Makes Life Possible' project. Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Our multi-talented team of experts has been working tirelessly over the past year on 'Death Makes Life Possible.' This project includes a feature-length independent documentary that we're co-producing with The Chopra Foundation. It explores explores a subject that touches everyone and everything on the planet, and offers inspiration and hope for the last chapter in our book of life.

We have conducted beautiful and soul-filled video interviews with many amazing people from a wide array of cultural and scientific backgrounds. We have heard from a former coma patient who experienced transcendence during an encounter with his departed wife. We have learned about different cosmologies around death and what happens when we die—gaining insights from Navajo Hoop Dancer and hospice healer, Tony Redhouse; New Thought minister, Michael Beckwith; and leading physician, Dean Ornish. We have examined ways that scientists are studying near death experiences, reincarnation, and mediumship, and we have heard from healers from across the world about why these things matter for how we live our lives.

We are now in the editing room, exploring patterns that connect these stories and offer glimpses into an emerging new paradigm that links science and spirituality. In connection with the film, we have created a website, a Facebook page, and successfully completed a Kickstarter Campaign for development support.

We are also creating a companion book that will feature interviews with experts from diverse cosmologies about how death makes life possible. The book and discussion guide will provide suggestions for using the interviews and the film to engage in deep conversations with loved ones, patients, or for personal exploration. We also have dreams of a research project that will allow us to explore the impact that diverse cosmologies have on caregivers’ personal and professional well-being, using the film as an intervention for healing.

We are so very grateful to those of you who helped support this project!!! It has made all the difference! We invite you to continue to fund the development of the film, book, education, research and dissemination of this powerful work. For more information on how you can help, please contact Charlene Farrell at

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    stephanie.wendel Sep 26, 2012

    I am very interested in the work you and your team are doing, Noetic Science is something that I have heard of and I just started researching. I must say I am truly fascinated and will be following your progress, while doing vigorous research to learn every thing that I can. I was inspired by my 8 year old nephew to learn everything that I can about a topic that interests me. I was also very excited to find out that my favorite book (The Lost Symbol) was based off of your work! I am simply captivated, and in shock from the information I am taking in, if you have any suggestions of where to look for more information I would greatly appreciate it!

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