9 November 2017
Alex Morrison

It appears that the power of our intention and the strength of our actions actually conjure up a new possibility and allow us to step into a new future. Do you notice this to be true in your life? Have you seen this elsewhere?

During the height of slavery, it was brave, committed individuals who spoke of a future where humans were not sold as property, which began the process that ultimately allowed that future to come into existence.

8 November 2017
Andrea Livingston

As an organization that is dedicated to the healing and well-being of the planet, we recognize the importance of supporting the next generation of leaders who will contribute greatly to both the personal and collective transformation that is needed at this time. And while a tremendous number of pathways for activism, innovation, and leadership are presented to young people, very rarely is the “missing piece” of consciousness engaged. And IONS hopes to remedy this!

20 October 2017
Communications Team

Ten years on from the revelatory book we co-published by Michael Singer, The Untethered Soul, we are thrilled to see his work taking the next powerful iteration of supporting people engaging their noetic awareness based on scientific research.

Watch this brief interview of Mickey with IONS President Cassi Vieten as he shares the power of his work.

10 October 2017
Communications Team

In a new video from Global Purpose Live, IONS President Cassandra Vieten and Emanuel Kuntzelman, Founder and President of Greenheart International, speak about consciousness and social change.

Cassi shares IONS' research that shows how worldview transformation is a key element of change, one which supports people in making massive shifts in their lives and helping to create purpose.

6 October 2017
Communications Team

Tony Balbin of the Warrior Radio Podcast recently spent some time talking with IONS Research Scientist Helané Wahbeh about the topic of channeling.

Dr. Wahbeh covers a lot of ground in this conversation, including the intersection of her scientific background with her family lineage of channeling, what research-to-date has to say about this phenomenon, and the focus of her current research projects on this topic. Have a listen!

3 October 2017
Cassandra Vieten, IONS President

Every once in a while, an IONS member blows me away with their life story. Lou Marincovich is one of our Visionary Circle members who has done just that, with his recent memoir "True North: Hunting Fossils Under the Midnight Sun."


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