9 July 2018
Bernardo Kastrup

The counterintuitive predictions of quantum theory have now been experimentally confirmed with unprecedented rigor. Yet, the question of how to interpret the meaning of these predictions remains controversial. A Wikipedia table summarizing different interpretations of quantum mechanics included no less than fourteen entries at the time of this writing. New interpretations regularly appear.

12 June 2018
Communications Team

The Mindful Motherhood program was developed and evaluated over the last decade through a partnership of IONS and California Pacific Medical Center, and is now being adopted by other hospitals — penetrating the larger field of maternal health and well-being, and making it more likely women will receive meditation training during pregnancy.

5 June 2018
Cassandra Vieten, IONS President

An important part of IONS mission is to encourage society’s institutions to pay more attention to the connection between science and spirituality to ease suffering and promote thriving. As part of this, we have been engaged in a collaborative effort to help providers and policy-makers in the field of mental health care recognize the importance of spirituality in most people’s emotional and psychological lives.

9 May 2018
Andrea Livingston

The phenomenon of channeling has been reported by cultures from around the world and the experience has played a pivotal and important part in humanity (e.g. Delphi Oracle in Greece, Moses, the Virgin Mary, and Muhammad).

7 May 2018
Jan Ögren, LMFT

As a licensed psychotherapist, I encourage people to “hear voices” and to “see” non-physical beings. No, I’m not crazy. In fact, for 12 years I was a subject-matter expert for the Board of Behavioral Science Examiners, which regulates licensing for the State of California. I am even certified by the state to provide Continuing Education Units to train other psychotherapists to help people “hear voices.”

1 May 2018
Sean Webb

There have been a large number of articles published about Artificial Intelligence lately, most with varying topics of focus. Some discuss how AI applications will eventually replace numerous human jobs, potentially disrupting global economies and bringing about a transition toward a more utopian society. Some discuss the advances in medicine and healthcare which will likely occur, thereby increasing human lifespans and quality of life dramatically (which are actually already occurring).


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