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Consciousness Matters—The New IONS Blog

by Heidi Fuller

Welcome to IONS’ new blog, “Consciousness Matters”! After a year of publishing contributed blog posts from a variety of visionaries, we will be focusing more on the inner life of IONS. Here at the blog, each week a member of our staff will bring you a close-up view of life inside IONS and/or commentary on what we are learning about the evolving field of consciousness research. To stay on top of “Consciousness Matters,” click here to subscribe to the blog using the RSS feed. (You can also click on the RSS link at the top of the right column on any blog page to subscribe to this feed.) If you are on our newsletter list, you’ll receive monthly “catch-up” summaries too.

Why a new blog? Increasing enthusiasm about our online network of digital publishing and social communities has ignited a desire for fresh perspectives on matters of consciousness, presented through both our scientific and our personal lenses. The new blog will help expand our international presence as far and wide as the Internet can take us. Consider that since we launched one year ago, we’ve had nearly one million visits and more than 3.5 million page views! We’ve created a community of more than 10,500 fans on Facebook—8000 of them actively engage with our page each month. We have 2000 followers on Twitter and a new YouTube Channel, both of which will be further developed in the next few months by a growing social media volunteer team called IONS’ Voices.

As IONS approaches its 40th anniversary in 2013, our community demographic continues to expand to include emerging generations who increasingly engage with their communities online and whose participation is vital to the longevity of our work.

That relevance to these younger Noetic Science enthusiasts is clear:

  • Many of our newest members and fans discovered IONS by reading Dan Brown’s “The Lost Symbol,” a bestselling novel published in 2009.
  • With his recent paper, “Feeling the Future: Experimental Evidence for Anomalous Retroactive Influences on Cognition and Affect,” Dr. Daryl Bem, a prominent social psychologist from Cornell University, offers statistically significant evidence for precognition. News of this publication was widely covered by the mainstream media—and on
  • Fifty percent of Americans report having had a religious or spiritual experience that changed their lives, according to the 2004 General Social Survey.
  • About three in four Americans believe in at least one paranormal phenomenon, with 41 percent citing extrasensory perception (ESP) specifically, according to a 2005 Gallup survey.
  • Fifty five percent of those surveyed also believe that the healing powers of the mind have been demonstrated empirically.

Indeed, our growing web presence has tapped a global community of explorers who have had or are seeking a noetic experience. Won’t you join us each week at the “Consciousness Matters” blog? And by all means, leave us your comments, ask questions, suggest topics you’d like to see us address. Share this blog with friends, and, as always in the social world, in between blog posts, don’t forget to connect to matters of consciousness on our Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn pages. All are welcome!

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  • Anonymous Icon

    divinepoet Sep 07, 2011

    Thanks for the new face of the blog. I am basically a divine poet dealing with soul and mind. My son and me are in conflict on this issue. He takes and analyse everything in terms of matter and science. I say, he is a science based mind. I do also accept and respect science. But I believe in soul and mind. I am a deciple of all sufi poets of the world. I believe in trans migration of soul. Means flying to the outer space keeping body on earth. I do mediate to connect me with God. I am not that serious religion performing humanbeing. But I am a God loving person. I do not fear God. God created humanbeing out love, not out of anger. Basically he fell in love with his image and created humanbeing. It is a kind of narcisistic syndrom. I need someone from you for regular interactions who believes in a love relation with God. Who is spiritual and divine.

  • Anonymous Icon

    Sky Walker Sep 07, 2011

    Looking forward to see this blog blossom :) Hopefully there will be more eye popping and paradigm shifting research that will be featured here :)

  • MaAnna Sep 07, 2011

    Delighted to see this and looking forward to having it in my feed reader!

  • Anonymous Icon

    paxgirl Sep 08, 2011

    I discovered IONS while viewing the "I Am" film. I look so forward to exploring this site and learning as much as I can!

  • Anonymous Icon

    Ana Sampaio Sep 08, 2011

    I am looking forward to learning more about IONS and it's people and work; what you are doing is crucial to the times we're living through on this planet. Never before has mankind been so in need of information and education on spiritual, scientific and human matters. Having so many people with valid credentials doing research and sharing the results is such a gift! I would love to see a study, or research, or any other information and IONS's take on Reiki as a healing power, and what people have experienced with it. I have recently become a practitioner myself, and have had the most amazing and humbling and awe inspiring experiences doing and receiving Reiki.
    Thank you for this opportunity to learn and grow!

  • Anonymous Icon

    seeingstars Sep 14, 2011

    Congratulations on your success!! It is difficult to find perspectives that balance investigation based on observable phenomena and open-ness to new frontiers. The extent to which you juggle these makes this site worth checking in on. 1.9 thumbs up

  • Anonymous Icon

    LawrenceCarson Sep 26, 2011

    There are things that I get excited about. And there are things that "used to" really frustrate me. But all of "those things" ... when I finally decided that "being at cause" changed in a moment. Here is what I have gained ... the hard way.

    1 -At Cause: All the real explorer needs to "first do" ... is to look up the definition of the word "science" - not from our current use of the word (reductionistic cause-effect measurement) but what that word originally meant in Latin. - At Effect: Scire means to "to know" ... and that can come from any number of sensory awareness experiences ... not just by time-space temporal reality "measurements." So Science - in its true sense of the word means to experience ... and thus is NOT limited to measurement.

    2 - With science meaning "to experience" ... then those that have experienced OBE's and NDE's evoking an epiphany moments of numinous states of being ... actually know. They have been invited to visit higher libraries of universal understanding. And with that experience they can choose to share with others with a like-mind and appetites for exploration.

    However, for those that have not received that "passport" to those higher cosmic libraries of reality ... well ... they are not yet ready. Our point is ... those that have experience these alternate states of being …. should never allow the "non-believers" to hold them back from doubting where and what they experienced and want to share with other like-kind explorers. However, those “Non-wanting-to-consider and believe" should not be the audience for those returning teachers. Those that have had that higher calling should remember ... only teach higher math to those that have a firm background in basic math. To attempt to share with first graders the elegance of higher math will only confuse and irritate the non-students into a classroom rebellion and mayhem... and waste the time of those wishing to make a meaningful contribution to our society.

    “When the student is ready … the class will begin.

    Have a great day and remember, you calling is fantastic … it’s the audience that is the issue.

  • Heidi Fuller Oct 14, 2011

    divinepoet and LawrenceCarson: We are with you in mind and spirit. We have believers on our staff, including our scientists and our founder. Interestingly, Edgar Mitchell was a man of science who had a transformational experience in space that didn't require science to change his life. But he saw science as another worldview that could help not just individuals, but institutions, communities, and nations heal/transform/learn/experience consciousness. However you get there, as long as you get there, right? You may be interested in yesterday's blog post: What's the Matter with Miracles? I invite you to keep the conversation going there too!

    Ana: You might want to search our meditation bibliography, recently updated with more than 6000 entries, to see if anything comes up there for you. Otherwise, our consciousness and healing archives have many resources on healing (not specific to any particular practice except meditation).

    Santhip, MaAnna, and SeeingStars: thank you. I look forward to seeing your comments on our blog posts. Don't forget to subscribe!

    paxgirl: what did you think of the film, I Am? We are planning a flim festival in the spring, if you love the movies!

    Grateful for your responses, Heidi

  • Anonymous Icon

    bluetailin Dec 09, 2014

    I saw the movie I Am and will look around this blog.
    If you are interested please check also my blog

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