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Noetic Haiku

Created date

17 April 2017
By the
Communications Team

In honor of International Haiku Day, IONS staff members are sharing their noetic poetry.

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I woke up in time
believing it to be so
forgetting I Am

As I sit here now
watching illusion playing
I know what is Real

Johnny Calvert

Noetic science
Your momma’s superstition
Getting real instead

My super powers
From deep interconnection
Universal one

Channeling intel
Osiris is out to lunch
Do you believe me

Alex Anonymous

Today I awoke
I learned nothing is real
And everything too

Ever present stars
Cast light on the recesses
What tale will be told?



Scientific scrutiny
confirms reality is complex
psi will crack you open

matter is consciousness
new matrix formulated
all is evolving

Open the blinds
Wake up to inner talent
psi will blow your mind

Pam Cole

Inner knowingness
Meets outer explorations
Synthesize myself

Kerstin Sjoquist


A double helix
Science and spirit weaving
A new way to be

Want Jedi powers?
At IONS we are finding
Possible, they are...

When we see beyond
The limits we thought were there
A new world appears!

Cassi Vieten


Still observation
Insightful analysis
Enlightened results

Monica Summers


Ever expanding
Consciousness flowering now
Beyond the beyond

Andrea Livingston


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