The Mystical Maya Journey

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The Mystical Maya Journey

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8 March 2018
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Join IONS this fall, November 6-18, 2018, on a spiritual and cultural immersion journey to the stunning highlands of Guatemala, the homeland of the Mayan people. For over 600 years the Mayans held a splendid, high culture of arts, architecture, mathematics and astronomy. Based on their observation of the rhythms of nature and the heavens, they developed one of the most complex and nuanced calendar systems known to this day. Twenty-one linguistic groups are rooted in this ancient culture and have survived a history of colonization and most recently a 30-year civil conflict.

Informational Video
Mystical Maya Journey
presented by journey leaders
Cilla Utne and Katia Petersen

During this in-depth transformative voyage we will learn how the Mayan culture and values are slowly but surely returning to some of the villages around Lake Atitlan. At the shores of this volcanic crater lake a mile above sea level, we will also have a chance to explore our inner journey as an integral part of sacred fire ceremonies and sweat lodges, to which we will be invited by our local Mayan hosts. We will visit women’s textile cooperatives in San Juan, an intercultural Waldorf school in San Marcos, and learn about the fight for human rights in Santiago Atitlán. Morning and evenings may include optional yoga, stillness practice, nature walks, and meditation.

This one-of-a-kind itinerary will have a particular focus on the resurgence of Mayan cosmovision and consciousness in modern life. Partly spiritual, and partly pragmatic, the journey will help us understand why the Mayans hold an important key to the future.

Interested to hear more about this journey? View the recording of an informational webinar with trip leaders Cilla Utne and Katia Petersen.

Watch Now!

In this video you’ll get more information about all the practical and mystical aspects of the journey. You’ll see photos and videos of past participants who have taken this trip and get a sense of what your experience may be like. You will also have time to ask the trip leaders any questions you may have!

If you are not able to make the live webinar, please still register and we will send you a recording of the video.

This is a once in a lifetime journey. Register for the webinar now to see if this trip is right for your journey!


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