IONS Researchers Win Nascent Prize for Best Paper!

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IONS Researchers Win Nascent Prize for Best Paper!

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10 March 2016
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Communications Team

On Monday, Dr. Wolfgang Baer presented the research team of Arnaud Delorme, Leena Michel, Alan Pierce, and lead scientist Dean Radin with a check for $1,000 for the Nascent Prize for Best Paper.

Published in the journal, Quantum Biosystems, Psychophysical interactions with a single-photon double-slit optical system describes IONS' single-photon double-slit experiments. The awards jury praised the research team for "courage and inventiveness," while also noting that this kind of experiment is "vital to scientific progress." 

In acknowledging this selection of best paper, the Nascent website states:

"Such gambles are seldom found in a field of inquiry filled with theoretical speculation. We must remember most great scientific discoveries come from recognizing the significance of accidents and it is to encourage the spirit that tries tangible probing in a vast unknown frontier that this award is given."

Read more about the paper and why it was awarded this prize on the Nacent website (scroll midway down the the Partners page to "History of Awards-2015 Awards").


* Pictured: scientist Arnuad Delorme, President/CEO Cassandra Vieten, lead scientist Dean Radin, and Dr. Wolfgang Baer.


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