2 November 2016
Communications Team

The knowledge and practice of meditation continues to rise in the mainstream, and has been infusing its way into hospitals, schools, and businesses.

21 October 2016
Communications Team

We were deeply saddened to hear of the passing of our long-time supporter, Gayatri Margaret Schilberg. An accomplished economist, international traveler, musician, well-loved spiritual devotee, and mentor, Ms. Schilberg led a rich and varied life. She was a true noetic explorer who nurtured personal transformation in herself and others.

19 October 2016
Communications Team

As part of our Next Gen initiative, IONS intern Adrian Nelson created Extraordinary Abilities, a  series of videos designed to  introduce the fascinating research investigating telepathy, mind-matter interaction, precognition, and the sense of being stared at.

13 October 2016
Communications Team

The IONS team is thrilled to share the following announcement regarding the latest evolution of our organization. We look forward to this next phase of our journey, and feel deep gratitude for the support and excitement of our members, partners, and friends. Please feel free to share the news!



12 October 2016
Communications Team

What inspires our biggest innovations and transformations? Could these AH-HA! moments have anything to do with the science of psychic phenomena?

7 October 2016
Communications Team

When attempting to make positive changes in our lives, we often approach transformation in a fragmented manner. For example, the care of our physical wellness may be focused on the gym or our physician, while our mental and emotional wellness is buoyed by family and friends or psychotherapy, and spiritual concerns may be addressed by organized religion or a spiritual practice. Yet there is a growing awareness that paying attention to physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of the self in concert with one another may create exponential shifts in our lives.


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