20 February 2018
Communications Team

Too often, change agents, politicians, activists, leaders of NGOs, and policy makers unintentionally employ methods that are actually counterproductive to what they are trying to achieve. Not only that, people who are working to make change in themselves, their families, or their clients or patients often feel flummoxed by the resistance they encounter.

8 February 2018
Communications Team

Limitations in our human consciousness underlie many of the problems we face as a global community. This is why our research at IONS focuses on exploring the fundamental nature of consciousness, investigating how it interacts with the physical world, and studying how consciousness can dramatically transform in beneficial ways.

7 February 2018
Communications Team

Ron Pevny, director of the Center for Conscious Eldering, proposes that there is a big difference between being elderly and being an elder. Through his work, he encourages and challenges people coming into their later years to aim high and live a life of deep meaning, purpose, and true elderhood.

6 February 2018
Carey Cloyd

Self-improvement is a popular topic with whole sections of literature being categorized in this area. How often do we slow down and ask ourselves, “What self is improving?” Many forms of psychotherapy focus on the development of a healthy sense of self, and this has its place in terms of developing aspects of one’s life and experience.

5 February 2018
Jan Ögren, LMFT

Shamanism is a word adapted from the Tungus culture, referring to the practice of accessing energetic and non-physical realms for the benefit of individual and community healing. Most people relate it to indigenous cultures. What if I proposed that there is a shamanistic practice natural to western industrialized civilization?

4 February 2018
Cassandra Vieten

When he returned from space forty-five years ago, Apollo 14 Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell committed his life to supporting a sustainable future. He worked tirelessly to understand and promote what he viewed as an absolutely necessary collective shift in consciousness.


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