12 April 2018
Communications Team

Since the passing of IONS’ visionary founder, Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell, two years ago, the IONS board, staff, and scientists have continually worked to not only preserve Edgar’s original vision, but to boldly expand IONS impact at a time when our world desperately needs healing, radical innovation, and transformation.

4 April 2018
Claire Lachance
Have you ever noticed that some of life's best insights come from completely unexpected places? This happened to me last week as I was having lunch with John Cleese, the legendary comedian and actor best known for Monty Python, Fawlty Towers, and A Fish Called Wanda. A passionate supporter of IONS' work to advance the frontier edge of consciousness research, John graciously donated his time and talent at a special IONS event also featuring our Chief Scientist, Dean Radin.
2 April 2018
Communications Team
Not magic like a Hogwarts letter arriving in the mail, or the feigned magic of Houdini. Not cauldrons or broomsticks or lightning bolts springing from the fingertips. But real magic. A genuine but hidden power residing within each sentient being.
28 March 2018
Cassandra Vieten

Monday night I received the news that our beloved Bob Blackstone had passed away.

26 March 2018
Communications Team

“The reason I’m involved in this project is not because I’m an AI expert, I’m a human being who sees the potential future of AI as being disastrous and sees this as a possible way to shift that.”
- Dr. Julia Mossbridge

22 March 2018
Arnaud Delorme

Earlier this month, Cassandra Vieten, Helané Wahbeh, Jonathan Schooler, and myself made presentations at the Symposium on Human Consciousness at the Vivenanda Ashram on paradise island near Nassau in the Bahamas. More than 200 participants from the ashram attended our sessions. Ashram participants are college graduates from all around the world interested in yoga and eastern philosophy. They are not necessarily devotees, although a core group of about 15 staff members are devotees themselves. It was therefore an enthusiastic and receptive audience to present our ideas and research.


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