10 October 2017
Communications Team

In a new video from Global Purpose Live, IONS President Cassandra Vieten and Emanuel Kuntzelman, Founder and President of Greenheart International, speak about consciousness and social change.

Cassi shares IONS' research that shows how worldview transformation is a key element of change, one which supports people in making massive shifts in their lives and helping to create purpose.

6 October 2017
Communications Team

Tony Balbin of the Warrior Radio Podcast recently spent some time talking with IONS Research Scientist Helané Wahbeh about the topic of channeling.

Dr. Wahbeh covers a lot of ground in this conversation, including the intersection of her scientific background with her family lineage of channeling, what research-to-date has to say about this phenomenon, and the focus of her current research projects on this topic. Have a listen!

3 October 2017
Cassandra Vieten

Every once in a while, an IONS member blows me away with their life story. Lou Marincovich is one of our Visionary Circle members who has done just that, with his recent memoir "True North: Hunting Fossils Under the Midnight Sun."

28 September 2017
Communications Team

If you are near the Toronto area, consider taking part in an leading-edge scientific research study on precognition.

Conducted by Julia Mossbridge, Ph.D, IONS Innovation Lab Director, and Adam Crabtree, a psychotherapist on the faculty of the Centre for Training in Psychotherapy, and an author of books on the history of psychotherapy, hypnosis, and dissociation unconditional love and super-normal abilities such as precognition, this groundbreaking research will explore unconditional love and precognition.

An overview for research participants:

28 September 2017
Julia Mossbridge

Love in itself — specifically, experiencing the power of unconditional love — has become a priority in the last year, ever since some donors approached me with seed funding to create a series of projects devoted to the power of unconditional love. Unconditional love is such a simple idea, loving without strings attached, and yet it feels out of reach for most of us. Unless you’re a parent, and your child has just been born and has done nothing wrong yet. Or you’re a pet owner and your pet hasn’t needed much from you lately.

19 September 2017
Arnaud Delorme

As a consciousness researcher, I often wonder where we might be in the evolution of the science of consciousness. Have we already discovered most of what has to be discovered about the brain and consciousness, or are we just getting started? We can only speculate, but history and epistemology might help answer this question.


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