Blog Guidelines

Blog Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in submitting posts for consideration on the IONS Blog. Please take a moment to review the Guidelines below.


Blogs fall into our three program areas

  1. Extended Human Capacities
    • Blogs focus on human capacities that appear to extend beyond the conventional boundaries of space and time. Examples are topics such as intuition, presentiment, telepathy, mediumship, collective consciousness, and mind/matter interaction.
  2. Consciousness and Healing
    • Blogs focus on information and scientific research on the role of consciousness and healing and help to support the emergence of a new model of health care. Topics such as energy medicine, epigenetics, meditation, and spirituality in health fit in this category.
  3. Personal and Societal Transformation
    • Blogs in this area focus on the phenomena of consciousness transformation: how it occurs, how it can be stimulated, and how it can be translated into long-term beneficial changes for oneself and one’s community.

Within each category we focus on 4 Types of Blogs

  1. Mind Blowers
    • Interesting facts and “did you know?” Articles
    • Something that could help shift perspectives
  2. Historical Anecdote
    • Story from the history of a major paradigm shift, noetic experiences that lead to an invention or breakthrough etc., and how it pertains to our world now
  3. Current Events
    • News items, book reviews (or what you are reading and why), movies, holidays, and current events that can be talked about through the lens of our work
  4. News
    • Science projects, publication, presentation, meetings, grant or award etc., that you are involved in that make good news for our constituents.


  • Length for written Blog posts
    • Anywhere from 2 - 6 paragraphs (but really, use what you need to make your fascinating point!)
    • For longer posts there is an option of doing a blog series (two or more blogs about the same subject that build on one another)
  • Visually appealing -- we often promote our blogs with social media, which benefits from imagery
    • Add your own pictures or videos (we ask that they are pictures you have taken to ensure you have the copyright), or we can try to find something appropriate
  • Always give credit to your sources
  • Vlogs - video blogs -- are also welcome

Promoting Events

  • We do not currently post blogs for specific events
  • However, a relevant and informational blog may also include information about an upcoming event


How to write a better blogpost

  • Include a specific takeaway or key thought
  • Ask questions and get people thinking
  • Write content that people can relate to on a:
    • Physical level- give them something to do when they’re finished reading
    • Emotional level- a strong opinion
    • Cognitive level- something to learn that is proven to some degree
  • Include an eye catching and intriguing title
  • Evoke surprise or curiosity
  • Make your reader smile

Submit Your Blog

Submitted blogs will be reviewed by the Communications Team prior to posting.