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The links below provide overviews of IONS’ founder, CEO, and key scientists. Each overview includes a menu of links to view the individual's lifetime of published research, speaking platforms, and academic posts.

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Press Releases and Announcements

Press release 10-03-13: Green Business Certification approved for the IONS EarthRise campus, and new eco-friendly lodging coming soon
Press release 6-01-12: IONS PREPARES FOR THE EONS: DISCOVERS POWERFUL FORMULA FOR ORGANIZATIONAL LONGEVITY: Steve Villano, JD, is the new CEO/President and Dr. Marilyn Schlitz promoted to Ambassador for Creative Projects and Global Affairs & Senior Scientist
Press release 12-02-11: New “conscious aging” education program to cover latest research, self-discovery exercises, and peer-group discussion to guide elders in positive transformation
Press release 11-16-11: Institute of Noetic Sciences to Host Holiday Open House
Press release 10-11-11: 6000 Studies on Meditation in Online Bibliography Update; Now with Digital Tools to Explore Life-Changing Benefits to Health, Education, Relationships, Spirituality
Press release 09-07-11: Integral health course aims to reduce stress, distress, and disease by teaching mindfulness practices that combine physical well being with inner development, meditation, and expanded consciousness.
Press release 06-17-11: As people increasingly explore the mysteries of consciousness, campaign rallies support for nonprofit mind-matter research
Press release 05-23-11: Worldview Literacy Training Program immerses educators in curricula adapted for 21st century learning and global citizenship skills
Press release 04-21-11: Times Square to get a close look at consciousness when video brings questions of mind, physics, and reality to main street
Press release 03-29-11: Top parapsychologists and noetic scientists explore scientific evidence in energy healing, psychic insight, and spiritual intelligence in teleseminar series
Press release 03-08-11: Bay Area consciousness research and transformational learning institute moves to downtown Petaluma
Press release 02-17-11: Weekend Retreat Uses Past-Life Discovery, Soul-Searching Discussion, Yoga, & Meditation to Guide Transformational Journey
Press release 02-02-11: The future of consciousness-based health care gets a boost from noetic science’s new member campaign that puts career development tools in nurturing hands of health care professionals
Press release 01-27-11: On 40th Anniversary of Apollo 14 space mission, the Institute of Noetic Sciences celebrates Astronaut Mitchell’s lifelong pioneering research inspired by his space flight
Press release 01-19-11: San Francisco Bay Area Weekend Retreat Explores the Spirituality and Health Benefits of Meditation Techniques
Press release 01-04-11: Deepak Chopra headlines San Francisco Conference - Noetic 2.0: Tools and Technologies for a World Transforming
Press release 11-15-10: Wisdom and Consciousness at Two Bay Area Holiday Events
Press release 11-08-10: Couples Workshop: Healing Resources to Deepen Love, Passion, and Spiritual Connection
Press release 10-18-10: "Lost Symbols" Found: Real research reveals noetic science facts
Press release 10-08-10: IONS scientists to present transformation & mind-matter research at Bioneers Conference
Press release 09-21-10: Noetic Sciences Research Director, Author, Psychologist to Present on Mindful Parenting at Wellness Summit
Press release 09-03-10: Personal mythology workshop to explore belief systems that limit personal, career, spiritual growth
Press release 08-30-10: Free intro to Fall teleseminar series features live interview, Q&A with IONS founder, Dr. Edgar Mitchell
Press release 08-12-10: New Transformative Learning Network & Free IONS Membership Expand Access to Noetic Sciences Tools
Media Alert 10-12-09: Institute of Noetic Sciences Sizes Up Its “Dan Brown Bump”
Press release 09-29-09: Leading Authority on Noetic Sciences Hails Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol . . .

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