Conscious Aging Facilitator Directory

Below is a directory of Conscious Aging Facilitator Program graduates,
listed by country and state/province.

IONS does not endorse or recommend individual facilitators. All information in the directory, including qualifications of facilitators, is provided by the program graduates and has not been verified by IONS.

United States


Kim Carter, MA, HTCP, RYT
Mesa, Arizona
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Kim uses Healing Touch and yoga to help people navigate transitions in their lives. Her background includes facilitating bereavement groups and volunteering with hospice. She seeks to empower clients to discover their own answers and find a sense of peace even in the midst of challenges.

Lorraine Festa
Peoria, Arizona
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Holding a Ph.D. in Psychology, Lorraine has been a counselor, coach, and university professor. Incorporating her prior experiences and education, she has also developed leading-edge workshops in personal change, career development, life balance, emotional intelligence, and creativity. Recognizing the importance for attention to life-span issues, the Conscious Aging program will be a valuable asset.

Diane L. Meyer, PhD
Tucson, Arizona
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Dr. Diane Meyer is a transpersonal psychologist, artist, writer, and educator. Meyer holds a BFA in Studio Art from the University of Arizona, a MA in Counseling and Psychology from Prescott College, and a Doctor of Philosophy from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology with a special certification in Creative Expression.

Mary Pike
Nogales, Arizona
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Former professional development trainer working in the field of communication (interpersonal and intercultural), I currently instruct part-time at the local community college and have done extensive work with intuitive studies. I consider myself to be an active retiree who contributes to the local community as a teacher and board member.


Cathy Coleman
Sonoma, CA
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I work at the Institute of Noetic Sciences as Associate Director of Education and the Global Community network Liaison. I am a graduate of the California Institute of Integral Studies\East-West Psychology doctoral program.

Maida Curtovic, Certified Traditional Naturopath
Long Beach, CA
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I was many things and none of that completely describe who and what I am. According to my diplomas and degrees I was an actress, singer, writer, lawyer, teacher, healer....and again, I was none of that..I realized that my space and my time can give support to many forms of functioning and many channels for communicating. I am living consciously and openly every single possibility, testing life and giving it the shape and sound of my inner Being, completely trusting that everything is always as it should be, as well I am always as I should Be.

Don Deffenbaugh LMFT#46322
Santa Rosa, CA
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Do you feel like you are sitting on the sidelines? Becoming involved individually and in community effectively and energetically will change your life. For over 25 years, I have coached many people on this path and witnessed a positive transformation creating lives that are rich and fulfilling. I welcome your participation.

Stephanie Rainbow Lightning Elk
Sonoma, CA
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I was born, raised and nurtured by the sensuous waters of the Northern Florida Panhandle. I was educated, nurtured and matured by the eclectic ways of Northern California. I have taught Spiritual Sexuality workshops. I co-created the 13 Healing Moons of the Great Turtle Mystery School. I offer my wisdom as a Counselor, Teacher, Warrior, Magician, Lover of Mother Earth.

Jessica Fergus
San Rafael, CA
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Jessica Fergus, M.Ed., CCP, is a Certified Coach Practitioner and a member of the Certified Coaches Federation. She uses Archetypal Psychology and Psychosythesis to support people as they face life's transitions. She combines her skills as a listener, problem solver and planner to help people create full and balanced lives.

Mary Gordon
Petaluma, CA
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Mary Gordon is passionate about connecting people to who they are and helping them step into what they have only dreamed of. As a Conscious Aging facilitator, Mary brings a deep knowing that we can transform ourselves through self-compassion, mindfulness, and letting go. She supports each person's individual journey.

Rebecca E. Gutierrez
Temple City, CA
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Rebecca E Gutierrez is the owner of Metaphysically Speaking targeting the Elder/Senior community to be of service. She weaves humor into all subjects as a inspirational speaker and lecturer.

Marti Hanna, M.A.
Santa Rosa, CA
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Marti Hanna, M.A., is a retired career counselor from the University of California, Davis and a resident of Oakmont, a 55+ active adult retirement community in Santa Rosa, California. After a long career of working with college students to help them identify and pursue meaningful work, Marti has now shifted her emphasis to working with seniors. She's now certified to facilitate IONS' Conscious Aging program, a series of workshops designed for people who want to create a new vision of aging for themselves and live the last third of their lives with intention, heart, meaning and purpose. Marti welcomes inquiries from retirement centers and communities as well as healthcare and faith-based organizations, including meditation centers. She'll work with you to set up a Conscious Aging workshop or series tailored to your population.

Lorna Minewiser, PhD
West Sacramento, CA
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As a member of the Institute of Noetic Sciences for more than 25 year, I have used many of the IONS resources. As I now approach 70 I am delighted to be able to facilitate “Conscious Aging” workshops in my community and offer its wisdom to my coaching clients.

Joanne Rikli
San Rafael, CA
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As a Counselor and Educator, Joanne has extensive hospice experience and training in Transpersonal psychology and spirituality. Joanne's mission is to make a difference in the lives of people by lessening the fear of death and affirming the beauty and sacredness of Life.

Rev. Patricia A. Seeley
Santa Rosa, CA
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Patricia is a licensed minister with the Centers for Spiritual Living. She has a Masters Degree in Consciousness Studies and a Masters Degree in Leadership & Management. She works with individuals interested in personal growth and spirituality. Her areas of expertise include successful single parenting, mid-life transitions, and conscious aging.

Rose Silvera Welch
Big Sur, CA
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I am excited to bring “life” and passion to the Conscious Aging Program. An IONS Staff Member for 25 years (many of those as the IONS Community Group Coordinator) while simultaneously working/interning in a retirement facility to complete my Masters in Gerontology, I have both a lifelong interest in the anthropological passages of aging as well as the practical life challenges as I go into my own retirement years. I have grounded my outlook on life with irreverence and humor. I know that my aging process will be much different than my parents and I want to help others engage and embrace our Elderhood with gusto in a safe community of learning.

Flora Wiegers
Glendale and El Segundo, CA
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Flora Wiegers is a life Coach who is passionate about supporting her clients‚ personal, professional, and spiritual development. She uses assessments and practices that enhance mindfulness, self-awareness, and joyful living. Ms. Wiegers received two graduate degrees in International Education and in Counseling Psychology and is a speaker and workshop facilitator.



Pam Herriott
Lafayette, CO (near Boulder/Denver)
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MA in Human Resources with over 25 years experience including global executive responsibilities. Facilitated various training sessions on change, skill assessment, and talent development. The most rewarding aspect throughout this time was providing group and individual coaching for people to reach their potential. The Conscious Aging Workshop is an extension of this to help people live each day consciously, with compassion and in celebration of life.



Barbara O'Neil LMT, RM/T
Seymour, CT
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Barbara is founder/director of Anam-Care Initiative whose mission to rekindle and establish the presence of the ancient Anamcara healing tradition within local palliative care settings, makes accessible its associated compassionate healing practices addressing the spiritual components of pain in patient, family and caregiver alike.



Lori Marshall
Sarasota, FL
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I am a Professional Medium, Intuitive Life Coach, Spiritual Educator and lover of life. My passion is to support you in finding possibilities and understanding to your most important questions and matters of the heart through awareness and expansive thinking. I work with authenticity and positive intention.

Pamela S. Saladino
Sarasota, FL
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Pamela Saladino's lifelong educational background includes acquiring four academic degrees related to human understanding combined with a rigorous experiential program designed by four daughters and a few husbands. A lover of Nature, she continues to maintain a capacious curiosity and dynamic interest in spirituality, consciousness, and presence.



Dr. Donald A. Child, Ph.D.
Honolulu, HI
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I am a doctor of Natural Health, offering health and life coaching, as well as a professional writer and consultant for various publications ranging from technical to literary. I am also a longtime IONS Community Group leader.



Lyn Small Walfish
Lynnfield, MA
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I am a clinical social worker with experience dealing with people throughout the life cycle. I am also a trained clinical hypnotist, Prepare For Surgery workshop facilitator, a Reiki Master Teacher, and an Angel Messenger Practitioner. I have training in a variety of energy healing modalities.



Maribeth Goodman
Bozeman, MT
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Trained mediator, conflict skills trainer, and community facilitator. International Association of Public Participation, Heartland Institute‚ The Art of Convening, Deep Listening Deep Questioning with Michael and Justine Toms, and National Conference on Dialogue and Deliberation. Hospice volunteer. Shared Crossing Project on end of life and veil between physical and nonphysical.



Kurt Nicholson
Las Vegas, NV
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New Mexico

Berje A. Barrow-Kaiser, PhD
Albuquerque, NM
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Berje Barrow-Kaiser, PhD is seasoned teacher, speaker, trainer and motivator with a professional background in clinical psychology. Her initial exposure to the concept of conscious living and dying began with hospice work in the late 80's. She is currently running an Alternative Integrative health care clinic in New Mexico.


New York

Ruby Tsang
Brooklyn, NY
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Counselor/Lecturer Hunter College/City University of New York 1973 to 2009 (retired) M.Ed Multicultural Education Consultant ESL Instruction Certified BA/MA As a life-long Educator by profession and training, I am excited to have discovered the work of Conscious Aging Workshops as a powerful tool for helping my peers with meeting the challenges of the next critical stage of life. As an experienced human relations facilitator, I hope to help elders in the workshops find meaning to their own journey as they move from self-reflection to joining others with shared experiences as the foundation for building the community of collective elderhood. I also see the work in the Conscious Aging Workshops as preparatory for an Inter-generational Consciousness on Aging.



Alexis McKenna, PhD
Talent, OR
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Alexis McKenna, Ph.D. is an experienced counselor and educator, a natural mystic, and an innovative thinker. Her special areas of interest are the identification of unique gifts and talents, and the exploration of one’s inner depths through music-generated imagery and art. She is uniquely skilled in helping individuals integrate intuitive insights into a grounded lifestyle.



Mary Anne Reed, PhD, LMFT-S
Dallas, TX
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Kurt Nicholson
Seattle, WA
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New South Wales

Carolyn O'Brien
Sydney NSW
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0403 321 785

My professional background has been as a trained facilitator in Market Research focus groups. My intention through delivery of Conscious Aging workshops is to contribute a meaningful legacy through inspiring older people to challenge their limited beliefs, change their emotional reactions, and in so doing, shift their perception of reality.




Blythe Bohonos
Calgary, Alberta
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Blythe Bohonos M.A., B.Ed., has served all ages in a variety of clinical, educational and community settings through her counseling and expressive art therapy practice. Inspired to facilitate journeys of deep meaning and connection through heart-based wisdom, she is honored to facilitate Conscious Aging. She vows to bring sensitivity, skill and compassion to this meaningful endeavor.

Cheryl-lyn Carlson
Okotoks, Alberta
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Helping people has always held a spot near and dear to my heart. I have accomplished this through my life experiences and related careers. Becoming a Usui Reiki Master has also provided me with the opportunity to share the Universes energy with others along their life's journey.

Howard J Parsons, Life Coach
Calgary, Alberta
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A former human resources executive, Howard has been a professional Life Coach for the past sixteen years. He has worked with people from all walks of life. Howard is a life-long learner, believing the best life is one lived from understanding the essential self and the possibilities it brings.

Judy Steiert
Calgary, Alberta
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I have researched, created and presented workshops related to Conscious Aging since 2004 at University Continuing Education, Churches,Community Centers, Retreats and Conferences. A favorite course is ""Elder Wisdom in Movies"" where participants view and discuss videos related to the themes of Conscious Aging.

Myreene Tobin, MA, BSc, Master Behavioural Coach
Calgary, Alberta
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My education and experience is all about working with people. I seek to do meaningful work with compassion and wisdom.


British Columbia

Iris Mary Todd-Lewis, MEd, BA, RN(ret'd)
Mission, British Columbia
(also Pedasi, Los Santos, Panama)
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604-557-6704 (Canada)
507-6202-0856 (Panama)

Iris is an experienced facilitator with extensive training in counselling, teaching, and healing arts. Her passion is to empower other seniors to approach their lives with joy and anticipation and to share their wisdom, experience and collective learning with others. She loves to teach, and her dynamic style is an inspiration to young and old alike! Iris plans to offer Conscious Aging workshops in the Fraser Valley, east of Vancouver, within the coming few years. Meanwhile, she is offering weekly information and inspirational bites through her website.



Alison Mahony, RN
Peterborough, Ontario
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Alison Mahony is a Registered Nurse with over 20 years of health care experience. Alison brings a sincere desire to make positive change in the world to all that she does. Alison is pleased to offer Conscious Aging workshops in the Peterborough and surrounding areas.


United Kingdom


MaryCatherine (Cathy) Burgess
Edinburgh, Scotland
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+44 (0)131 558-9305

MaryCatherine Burgess, PhD, has worked professionally as a human relations consultant, licensed professional counselor, certified teacher, university multifaith chaplain and honorary fellow, shamanic practitioner, manager of medical management, director of quality integration, and trainer of psychodrama and sociometry. She balances her life and work between the UK and the USA.



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